How to Increase your Focus Power by 45%

What does it take to stay focused?

Staying focused is an art, an exclusive per-requisite for achieving your planned success. Mastering this art is an act of absorbing diligence, one that demands your body, mind, soul and spirit. Just about anyone could be focused, age and gender doesn’t stand in the way, so assuredly, you can be really focused.To be focused, there are few questions you would need to answer, there are certain issues you should be aware of:

What are you focusing on?
Why is it important that you focus on it?
What could stand in the way as -distraction?
How long would it take to get to my focus?

These questions will help you keep tab on your focus destination and also track your focus rate.

  • Because focus is important to help our perceived success come true, we have to define our goals, what we want to achieve. Maybe you want to finish your book project, or build a house, marry a wife, graduate with good grades, start a new business, purse a career, whatever that goal is; you need to properly define it, have the big picture painted on a white note book with your pen. Getting a clear definition of your purpose and goal gives your focus More Direction.

Let’s move on to the second question…

  • If you have successfully defined your goal and given your focus a precise direction, is there a need to know just how important that goal would be to you? A lot of people don’t think it is quite necessary to know just how important their goals are to them. Attaching importance will help you feel the urgency of fulfilling your goals, if it is a long term goal that means a lot to you – let’s say: finding a good wife, it makes you start doing some basic things already. Knowing how important a project is, makes your plans more decisive, direct and clear. It also enables you to place a deadline or set parameters that would regulate how you eventually get to that destination. Attaching Importance gives your focus More Sensitivity.

Distractions are like road bumps! They slow you down, some distractions have the tenacity of drawing you out of the lane, killing your focus and probably give you a new one. Always keep in mind that if you loose focus, you loose the goal. A clear picture would tell you more story;

Imagine a footballer in the pitch, he has the ball, racing past the last defender he now has only the goalie to contend with, he begins to hear the voices of the fans roar out louder and suddenly he turns to take a quick view around the pitch and catch a glimpse of the unique spectacle, what do you think would happen to the ball and the goal?
Loosing focus could be catastrophic, so much so that one may not recover the loss. You don’t want that happening with your new project, you want to keep it alive and in track, you want to keep it running no matter how hard the distraction knocks, you want to maintain a steady move towards actualizing your goal.
To make this happen, you would have to consciously state categorically ‘what and what’ would be capable of turning off your focus on your new project, it could be natural causes, it could be human factors, it could be the pleasures of winning, it could be lack of resources to continue the project. Whatever those distractions are, you have to be aware of them, how they could come and how best you would resolve them. Knowing your distractions keeps you ahead of them, it gives your focus More Strength

  • This is probably the hedge, if you take a close look at your goals, there is something embedded in all of it, that something is –time– time is a precious resource arguably the most valuable earth has ever known. How do you manage this essential asset, your goals has to come true in time, they have to be delivered on time. You need to carefully strategise how long it has to take to actualize your goal. So setting a time frame should be helpful, set a date, a deadline, something that ticks- tic toc, that tells you time is running out. This may seem to put you under pressure but it helps to give your focus More Speed. Because one way of winning back time is beating time. To beat time you have to set a Time Target, speed saves time.

You can increase your focus rate by 45% if you keep tab on these tips. Your goal is important, focus is more!

Summarily, ‘more focus- more direction, more sensitivity, more strength, more speed’
Get the Attitude… Get Focused!
See you next time…

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