Mixing in the Soul

Attitude Mixing

Attitude Mixing

Great content is mostly a function of the mind. Sound mixing when all gears aren’t fully functional can create a panic and integrate a wrong stage and studio performance.I have seen for myself by practical experience and experimenting that soulful sound and mixing is an attitude not just the gears, its in the experience, love, inspiration and Attitude! Check here for more information at Behind the mixer, Chris has some great stuff for you, I just love the materials and am optimistic it would give you a solution in your mixing

Personally, I have tried mixing with just about two sound equipment (a power amp and a voice amp). Actually, that has been a major source of learning for me, mixing is an art, most good guys were formed by their will and fortitude to do more, and majority today have had the opportunity to get formal education in the field. Which ever way, you should be able to know what works best for you, I suggest you get a formal education just to boost your knowledge capacity.

Mixing is an art that gets your attitude to work. Managing event flaws and problems live in a concert or during a church service could be threat personified. So as you work on your mixing skills you also put a close check on your personality development and attitude.

Happy mixing…


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