Mixing in the Soul

Attitude Mixing

Attitude Mixing

Great content is mostly a function of the mind. Sound mixing when all gears aren’t fully functional can create a panic and integrate a wrong stage and studio performance. Continue reading


300 Million Dollar Deal To Stop Wedding!

Hello friends, we have a situation on ground, your sincere opinion is what we need. Your comments are extremely valuable to save this situation!

You are Ten minutes to your wedding, and suddenly you are called for a contract of 300 million dollars. Will you go for the contract or go through with your wedding?

See How Attitude Gives Your Lifestyle An Edge

What would a nice attitude do for you?

Attitude is like a flower with nectar, it attracts both humans and animals, the ability to attract the best people has a major dependence on your attitude. Attitude defines you 100% and no matter how hard you try, if have a deficiency in your attitude believe me, you will keep repelling people from your life. Continue reading

How to Increase your Focus Power by 45%

What does it take to stay focused?

Staying focused is an art, an exclusive per-requisite for achieving your planned success. Mastering this art is an act of absorbing diligence, one that demands your body, mind, soul and spirit. Just about anyone could be focused, age and gender doesn’t stand in the way, so assuredly, you can be really focused. Continue reading